Particle Inspection Technologies

Particle Inspection Technologies is a manufacturer specializing in particle and vision inspection systems for pharamceutical industries. Our software is customized for a multitude of applications including but not limited to vials, syringes, and other medical instruments/equipment. Our software is not just for inspection. Pi-Tech also offers a plethora of tools and solutions for feasability studies, efficiency, rejection rates, etc.

Coupled with an easy to navigate UI and in-depth settings, our machines can handle just about any situation in the field today.

Our team of engineers have collectively over 30 years engineering experience, almost 20 years programming experience, and an unmatched source of passion. We bring the best products to the industry because we are the best the industry has to offer. Check out our different products and see for yourself why Particle Inspection Technologies is right for you.

What We Offer

Particle Inspection Technologies provides custom built machine solutions for all of your vision and particle inspection needs. PiTech will work closely with you to design, build, and implement a machine that will provide these features to you in a streamlined and user friendly way.

PiTech can custom build a machine from scratch, or add vision capabilities to existing machinery. Please contact us directly if you are interested in adding vision support to your machinery.

Additionally, PiTech provides a comprehensive support package to facilitate maintanence on your machines. We can provide spare parts, troubleshooting support, and if necessary deploy service staff to investigate any issues.

Our Mission

Particle Inspection Technologies is dedicated to the science of machine vision. Our goal is to detect increasingly complex abnormalities as well as improving the speed of automatic vision inspection software.

As technology keeps advancing, PiTech is on the fore-front, pioneering new ways to detect product abnormalities in a multitude of industries ranging from pharmaceutical to industrial applications.