Troubleshooting & Maintainance

Vision inspection technology is still quite delicate. Sometimes a simple change of lighting can throw off an otherwise functioning vision system. PiTech recognizes this issue, and as a result is happy to help clients bring their vision software back online.

PiTech can help you through your issues with our 24/7 support line. We can even remote debug your products from our office!

As with all machinery, wear and tear can cause detrimental issues. From bearings wearing out, to sensors malfunctioning, maintanence becomes and increasingly important service to include. To help with this, PiTech can custom cater a maintanence contract for your company to provide necessary repair and preventative maintanence services.

Vision Integration

Whether looking to purchase a custom built machine or upgrade existing machinery, PiTech can implement our vision software in almost any environment. PiTech's vision software is state of the art, able to detect the smallest of particles and deformities, and can run at speeds of up to 600 products/min.

Our vision software is integrated using PLC controllers and HMI displays for a powerful user-friendly expierience.

Custom Machine Solutions

Particle Inspection Technologies specializes in designing, building and shipping custom machine solutions for a variety of vision applications in numerous industries. PiTech will work closely with you to develop a machine to your specific requirements. We are able to deliver machines with a variety of requirements such as clean rooms, GMP rooms and abrasive environments.

Our machines are handmade with high quality metals, made simple to operate and service. With PiTech's custom machine solutions, we can guarantee a machine that will be able to perform at or even above your requirements.

Spare Parts

Particle Inspection Technologies provides a variety of spare parts for our machines. Among mechanical parts, PiTech also supplies computer hardware components as needed.

Spare parts PiTech provides, but not limited to:

  • Motors

  • PLC Components

  • PC Components

  • Seals

  • Specialized Components

  • Sensors

  • Lights

  • Cameras